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K4 brings you superior quality insulation blowers, vacuums, insulation removal bags and more from the industry's most trusted brands. Discover the tools you need to get the job done right.

Cool Machines CM1500HP High Performance Insulation Blowing Machine
Cool Machines Insulation Blowing Machines
Cool Machines Cool Vac CV11 C2U118-11HP Insulation Removal Vacuum
Cool Machines Insulation Removal Vacuums
ECOWOLF green insulation vacuum bag connected to an insulation removal machine.
ECOWOLF Insulation Vacuum Bags
Cool Machines C6Q402 Mark 2 Flexaust 4 Inch Insulation Blowing Hose
Cool Machines Insulation Blowing Machine Equipment
Cool Machines C6Q400 Clear PVC 4 Inch Insulation Vacuum Hose
Cool Machines Insulation Removal Vacuum Equipment